My Second(hand) Wedding

Everything is better the second time around. Isn’t that what they say? Secondhand means a second chance to be amazing. And in my case, I am referring specifically to love, marriage, and fashion. When I met the love of my life three and a half years ago, I was already three and a half yearsContinue reading “My Second(hand) Wedding”

Signs of Style

Hey baby, what’s your sign? Instead of thinking about that question as a cringe-worthy pick-up line best left to the B-rated movies of the 1980s, let it be a lead into the fascinating topic of astrology. Just how much do you believe you know about yourself and what makes you tick, and how much youContinue reading “Signs of Style”

Unstoppable You in 2022

Are you ready to unleash the best of you in 2022? Now is the perfect time to ignite your desires and propel yourself into bigger, newer, and better things that will give you that UNSTOPPABLE feeling. That’s what’s on the horizon in the coming NEW YEAR for each and every one of us to goContinue reading “Unstoppable You in 2022”