Mom’s the Word

Mother’s Day is just around the bend, and for me, this particular Mother’s Day is an extra special day because it is also the birthday of my first-born daughter. She is turning 24 this year, and in twenty-four years, I have embraced, absorbed, and enjoyed the honor of being mother to four amazing children IContinue reading “Mom’s the Word”

Attain to Sustain

It’s Earth Day, everyone! April 22, 2022 marks the 52nd birth of the modern environmental movement known as Earth Day, a nationwide celebration created to inspire the people in America to draw their focus to the importance of creating a healthy place to live. It is a call for all of us to invest inContinue reading “Attain to Sustain”

The Spring Edit

Ahhh! Spring is in the air. Sure, depending where you live you might still be dodging snowstorms like I am and staring at a monotone landscape of barren trees and uncovered grass that is so discolored that it doesn’t even know what it is anymore. BUT…the promise of sunshine and warmer days are just aroundContinue reading “The Spring Edit”

Signs of Style

Hey baby, what’s your sign? Instead of thinking about that question as a cringe-worthy pick-up line best left to the B-rated movies of the 1980s, let it be a lead into the fascinating topic of astrology. Just how much do you believe you know about yourself and what makes you tick, and how much youContinue reading “Signs of Style”

The Best Accessory

Close your eyes and picture your favorite outfit. Maybe it’s a well-worn pair of jeans that never let you down, paired with a cozy, cropped hoodie, or perhaps it’s the sleek evening gown you bought for a special occasion that accentuates your features in all the best ways. Think about how this outfit makes youContinue reading “The Best Accessory”

Expanse is Everything

Welcome to the future. Your future. Are you ready for it? When you close your eyes and see yourself one month from now what are you doing? If you are like me, you will probably be doing most of the same things that you are doing right now. But, what if close your eyes andContinue reading “Expanse is Everything”

Fashionable Storytelling

When you open up your eyes each morning to the blank page of the day that lies before you, what story are you hoping to tell? For me, I am usually on a mission to portray the message to myself and the world that I have my sh*t together, because most of the time, IContinue reading “Fashionable Storytelling”

Unstoppable You in 2022

Are you ready to unleash the best of you in 2022? Now is the perfect time to ignite your desires and propel yourself into bigger, newer, and better things that will give you that UNSTOPPABLE feeling. That’s what’s on the horizon in the coming NEW YEAR for each and every one of us to goContinue reading “Unstoppable You in 2022”

Wrap it Up, Repurpose-fully

Have you heard? Second-hand shopping is the rage and can produce some first-class gifts this holiday season. With sustainability and eco-conscious practice and behavior becoming more prominent in worldwide consumer trends, online shopping platforms like my own Poshmark closet can help you deliver the best gift in an affordable and earth-friendly way. Shopping online isContinue reading “Wrap it Up, Repurpose-fully”

Know Your Strengths

Do you know your own strengths? Yes, strengths. Plural. I am not talking about the amount of weight you can lift or the number of pounds you can move with your legs. I am talking about the inner strengths that make up the core of who you are. Strengths that you may not fully realizeContinue reading “Know Your Strengths”