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Consignment Expectations and Etiquette

Welcome to Threads By Kelly, your place to buy and sell quality fashion at an affordable price.

LOOKNG TO CONSIGN? Please review the following expectations to help ensure that your consignment process goes smoothly.



At Threads, we believe that everyone deserves to look and feel great in quality clothing without breaking the bank. All incoming pieces are inspected and chosen based on the following quality expectations.

Items must be new or gently worn, with no excessive wear, pilling, discoloration, excessive wrinkling, or thinning of fabric.

Items must be free from holes, tears, missing pieces, and other imperfections that affect the appearance.


At Threads, we LOVE our consignors and know that we wouldn’t be here without you! Threads works with 50-75 individual consignors each month taking in and processing every piece that hits the sales floor. Due to store space, unavailable storage, and processing time, we ask that you

Bring no more than 50 items (1-2 garbage bags) into the store at one time. Every item you bring into the store is inspected, inventoried, and tagged for sale. Bringing in a manageable number of items at one time helps to get them on the sales floor in a timely manner. Your cooperation in this expectation is greatly appreciated. A $5 fee may be deducted from your account for not following quantity expectations. 


At Threads, we have high standards for cleanliness. Pre-worn clothing deserves a second chance for wear and buying once-worn clothing helps reduce waste and the strain on natural resources caused by the fashion industry. But let’s face it, nobody wants to buy unclean goods. Please make sure all of your incoming clothing meets the following expectations for cleanliness.

Items must be new or freshly washed upon entering the store, with no odors or excessive fragrance that impact the quality.

Items should not have any staining, unintentional bleaching, burn marks, or any other imperfection that devalues the quality.

Items that do not meet the standard for cleanliness will not be added to the store.


At threads, we love it when our clothes are so good, they fly off the rack! To ensure your item’s best potential for a quick and confident sale, please adhere to all of the consignment expectations. Additional tips for incoming items

Bring in items that are “in season”. Sweaters in winter, bathing suits in summer, etc.

Consider your items from someone else’s point of view. Would you wear it or buy it in its state and condition? If so, bring it in!

Is it a current trend? Most items in the store do best if they are within a few years of what is currently trending.

Style is variable, which makes your role as a consignor so important. Each unique and individual style that enters the store could be just what the next person is looking for!


At Threads, we love our consignors! Without you, we would not be here.

Threads collaborates with over 50 individual consignors every month, and each person is given the same amount of consideration and attention. Due to the number of individuals served, Threads may encounter backups from time to time. During these times, we may ask you to hold off on bringing your items in. Your cooperation in adhering to the guidelines set for incoming items is essential for a smooth store operation.

The group of consignors at Threads is continuously changing and growing, making the store a versatile collection of affordable trending clothing and accessories. Thank you for your collaboration and support.


PRINT out and return the consignment agreement to Threads with your incoming items. We look forward to seeing you

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