A Shade of Spade

This post is a tough one to tackle. On one hand, I want to laugh and talk about the brilliant autobiography from one of my favorite comedians and actors, David Spade. And, at the same time, I want to respectfully pay homage to one of America’s greatest designers and self-starters, Kate Spade, sister-in-law of theContinue reading “A Shade of Spade”

Poshmark Goals for Success

So, you’ve joined Poshmark to become a seller, you’ve created your first few listings, and now you anxiously await a sale! But, then what? Have you thought about what comes next? The long term. What exactly are your visions and expectations from your new immersion into the Poshmark community? I honestly didn’t think about itContinue reading “Poshmark Goals for Success”

The Little Black Dress

The story of Gabrielle Chanel begins with her entry to the world as an illegitimate child born to poor merchants who eventually married and raised their growing family amid struggle and poverty. The untimely death of Gabrielle’s mother resulted in 11 year-old “Coco” being sent away to live her childhood in a convent orphanage inContinue reading “The Little Black Dress”

The Pulitzer Connection

What does Hungarian-born Joseph Pulitzer b. 10 April 1847, once-served Civil War Union Soldier, American newspaper publisher and magnate, namesake of the coveted award for excellence in journalism have to do with fashion? Absolutely nothing. Except for the fact that he had a son, who had a son, who eloped in the early 1950s withContinue reading “The Pulitzer Connection”

Parton me. My Love of Dolly.

Dolly Parton is one of my first-known fashion icons. I know, I know, she’s a musician, not a fashion model. In fact, as a musician, she is the most honored female country singer-songwriter of all time, with 44 Top 10 country albums and 26 number one singles, so it’s easy to see how one couldContinue reading “Parton me. My Love of Dolly.”

What’s Reese Got to Do With It?

This blog is my way of mashing fashion with reading, books, libraries, and literature in a fun and fashionable way. So, what does Reese have to do with it? By Reese, I am talking about Reese Witherspoon. Actress. Star of hit movies like Sweet Home Alabama, Legally Blonde, and Water for Elephants (which, coincidentally, isContinue reading “What’s Reese Got to Do With It?”

My First Fashion Icon. No Kidding.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been obsessed with the Kennedy family. Maybe it’s because I remember from a young age, my mom telling me the story of exactly where she was the moment that President John F. Kennedy died, and it stuck with me then how profoundly impactful this event and personContinue reading “My First Fashion Icon. No Kidding.”

My Posh Tips for Beginners

What began as a way for me to unload some of my daughters’ un-needed clothing (and snag some great deals in return) has turned into a six-year (and counting) journey in entrepreneurship that I’ve always dreamed of. Being my own boss, making creative choices, and marketing to the growing crowd has landed me into theContinue reading “My Posh Tips for Beginners”