Know Your Strengths

Do you know your own strengths? Yes, strengths. Plural. I am not talking about the amount of weight you can lift or the number of pounds you can move with your legs. I am talking about the inner strengths that make up the core of who you are. Strengths that you may not fully realizeContinue reading “Know Your Strengths”

Dressed to Kill

Ah, October. A time to plug in the pumpkin spice and revel in everything ghoulish, gruesome, and ghastly. For me, that means it is time once again to dust off my beloved copy of Edgar Allan Poe’s collected works of classic stories and pay homage to the master of macabre. Born in 1809 and walkingContinue reading “Dressed to Kill”

My First PoshFest

Active and avid in the resale world as a part-time seller on Poshmark since 2014, PoshFest was something I heard about, but didn’t take seriously . In years past, this annual 2-day conference was held on location in cities like Phoenix, Dallas, and San Francisco (to name a few), and to be honest, I didContinue reading “My First PoshFest”

Brighter Days Ahead

Good things will happen. This positive message adorns the cover of a personal pocket journal that appeared on my desk this week, a surprise gift from a good friend who routinely listens to my struggles and felt that I could use some encouragement. Because lately, having the ability to look on the bright side ofContinue reading “Brighter Days Ahead”

Fall Forward

It’s officially Autumn. But, this year instead of falling back, I am making a conscious effort to fall forward. Forward thoughts. Forward action. Forward steps that pack enough momentum to propel me ahead. I was going to call this post Fall to Pieces because lately (aside from having weekly crying sessions) I have been carefullyContinue reading “Fall Forward”

Underneath It All

What do you wear under your clothing? It’s a personal question, I know. And this post is about to get really personal. But, before you get too far with that answer, I’m not talking about the intimate garments that lurk beneath the outer layer of your wardrobe. I am talking about what you wear onContinue reading “Underneath It All”

Clothed in Confidence

Which came first, the clothing or the confidence? This question poses the same kind of conundrum as the chicken and the egg, and the answer most likely varies depending on who you ask. Does your confidence dictate the clothing you choose to wear, or does what you wear instill you with confidence? I am aContinue reading “Clothed in Confidence”

The Best Bet-sey

Wild hair, don’t care. That’s the feel I get whenever I see Betsey Johnson on the cover of any magazine with her unmistakable blonde tresses perfectly punked out. Hair aside, my impression of this fashion icon leads me to believe that everything Betsey brings to the table is a little bit unconventional. Don’t get meContinue reading “The Best Bet-sey”

Finding Your Fears

“Do one thing every day that scares you.” This memorable quote attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt may or may not be her exact words, but the sentiment of the statement resonates regardless. We need to find our fears every day and face them. Easier said than done, I know. For most humans, fear is one ofContinue reading “Finding Your Fears”