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Threads by Kelly was born from a desire to affordably share fashion and trending style to the local community with an emphasis on promoting the importance of sustainability and eco-consciousness through second-hand shopping.

Buying and reselling previously owned clothing prolongs the lifespan of that item by two or more years, thereby keeping it out of our landfills and extending the energy and resources that went into making the product.

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A lifelong lover of fabric, textiles, and clothing, Kelly immersed herself in the online fashion reselling buying and selling world in 2014, in part out of a necessity to keep up with her three teenage daughters’ style demands, but on a budget.

It did not take long for hobby selling to become a calling, born from a desire to seek out and source quality pre-owned items for others to enjoy while helping to reduce the waste and impact on the environment caused by the fashion manufacturing. With nearly ten years in this industry under her belt, Kelly opened the Threads by Kelly storefront in Stanton, Michigan, with a mission to provide sustainable secondhand style to the community.

Kelly is a graduate of Central Montcalm High School, located in Stanton, Michigan, as well as a graduate of Central Michigan University. As a zodiac cancer she loves spending time near water and being home surrounded by family.

We are not beyond nature, we are a part of it.

Marci Zaroff, pioneer of sustainable fashion.
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