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Raise the Bar

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HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO ME! One year has flown by since the day I opened the door and stepped into fashion as the owner of a small business consignment clothing boutique. Truth be told, I had zero know-how of what being a business owner entailed, but I also have zero regrets that I took that leap of faith. It was a trial by fire journey and I am ready to take everything I experienced and learned in the previous year and take it higher.

As a once-upon-a-time high school regional champ and state qualifying high jumper, I know a thing or two about setting and raising AND jumping backwards over a bar. (Shameless cringe flashback photo op).

High jump in the literal form is about placing the bar at a designated height and jumping over it. It is as straightforward as that, and In this sport, there is a clear way to measure your success once the bar is raised…you either make it over, or you don’t. The bar we must jump over in our personal or professional endeavors may not be as literal as this, but it is a bar that we should be raising for ourselves. And here’s why…

Raising the bar requires us to push ourselves harder, to go for the next achievement, and to open ourselves and welcome both the failure and the successes that we will face along the way. When the bar is low, there is no challenge, no progress, and no glory. Raising the bar pushes us out of our comfort zone and is necessary in order for us to get more out of what we seek to accomplish in our personal and professional endeavors.

You didn’t come this far just to come this far.

author, Ben Alldis

Peloton instructor turned author Ben Alldis has written the book on raising the bar. Literally. In his pre-pub nonfiction work called Raise the Bar: How to Push Beyond Your Limits & Build a Stronger Future You set to release in November 2023, Alldis tackles mindset, motivation and fitness, showing you the power of unlocking potential, taking control of your life, and discovering and developing your talents (as stated on the pre-pub page at This sounds like a sure bet read in the world of motivation and inspiration and definitely one I am going to add to my future reading list.

In the meantime, here are a few of my tried and true thoughts for you to take action on that will help you to raise the bar for yourself:

  1. Dream bigger. Picture the most extravagant life, goal, or achievement you can imagine and start to formulate the steps you can take to get there. Even if that dream feels outrageous to you right now, believe in your heart that it is possible. Once you take action and move forward the picture will become more clear as you go.
  2. Branch out. Try something different and learn new things. Watch free informational videos to expand your knowledge base or pay for subscription-based learning. Listen to audiobooks and podcasts for on-the-go information. Join a class (in person or online) to develop a specific skill or talent. Put yourself out there (as intimidating or uncomfortable as it may feel). No pain, no gain.
  3. Kick your motivation drive in a higher gear. Set higher expectations for yourself. That’s right. You are your only limit. It’s up to you to make the difficult decision to push harder, go for more, and put that bar higher.

Don’t stop there! Print out this FREE PRINTABLE form on raising the bar to put all of your ideas on paper and start moving that bar today.

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