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Make Money Move You

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Money is fluid. It moves. And, it moves you. To people, places, and things that can enrich and enhance your experience in life. When I lay in bed at night, I picture money arriving like the energy of a wave in the ocean or on my favorite shore of Lake Michigan. It is in continual motion moving forward and backward, but never stopping. I see wave after wave pushing piles of paper tender up the sandy shore, depositing it at my feet, and then retreating to bring more. Money is that consistent, accessible, and abundant. But, in order for it to move you anywhere, you have to let it in.

Money is one of those things that gets a bad rap. We either believe that having too much of it ruins us as humans, or we curse its name because there never seems to be enough of it to go around. It is essential for our daily lives and livelihood and more often than not it seems that we never have open and honest conversations about it, as if it is too taboo to talk about. But here is the truth about money. It is neutral. It is only our thoughts about it that make it good or bad. Our thoughts that make money move in or out. Decide how it will move you.

 “You have the power to do whatever you want to do and make sure that you take life as that.”

Lauren Simmons

I have been investing a lot of time lately observing my thoughts about money and allowing my thoughts to be intentional about how I can better bring it into my life, and more importantly the purpose to which I want my money to go. The Law of Attraction teaches us that our thoughts are powerful. What we think, we believe. And when we believe, we act upon that belief. For me, it is essential to hold positive beliefs regarding the energy of money in order to make meaningful choices.

That’s right. Money is energy. Money moves. We take it in and then we turn around and exchange it for whatever it is that we need or desire in that moment. That is how money, in turn, can move us. When we put purpose behind receiving and spending money, it can lead to a much more fulfilling and meaningful existence.

Make Money Move by Lauren Simmons, available for pre-sale.

WHY AM I HAVING THIS DISCUSSION in a blog about fashion and reselling? Because reselling is a business and financial wellness is an important conversation to have with yourself if you have not already had it. It is time to rewire your thoughts about money. Too often I see and hear people discouraged and down on themselves for things outside of their control (like slow sales, and low offers). To those people I challenge them to see the bigger picture. Yes, money is essential, but so is the purpose and energy that you put the behind the money you give and receive. Being mindful of this can be your biggest game changer.

As a POSHMARK reseller, my job is to obtain items and assign a value to them based on what I believe that value to be. And, though I do sell my pieces for a price, what I am also giving in exchange for money is the energetic outcome my buyer will receive from their purchase. Every item I sell has the possibility to create an infinite number of positive emotions, experiences, and memories that the receiver will create from that exchange. For me, my being able to be a conduit for this transfer of energy is beyond anything money can buy and is what moves me to continue.

Make financial wellness a part of your daily routine by reading books like this sure-to-be bestseller Make Money Move: A Guide to Financial Wellness by Lauren Simmons, who at 23 years old became the youngest woman to be a full-time trader for the New York Stock Exchange, as well as the second African woman in 226 years. Continue your money journey by tuning in to money-related podcasts full of excellent financial advice and discussion and by downloading my FREE PRINTABLE ‘My Money Thoughts’ worksheet to open yourself to this important conversation.

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