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I am finally living my dream. I am a full time reseller. This means I get to live and work in my own playground of clothing. Every day, I wake up as my own boss, make my own choices, set my own course, and march to the beat of my own drum. It’s a life I have been longing to live since I was a little girl. But, as much as I love to highlight the good and pour endless optimism into the posts that I share, I do find it necessary from time to time to pull back the rose-colored lenses and keep it real. And the reality is, much like any other job I have encountered in my years, the life of reseller is not always sunshine and rainbows. But is it worth it? Oh, yes.

The fabulous POSHMARK advertisements we see on TV make selling and making money on this platform look and sound ridiculously easy. And, it can be at times. I once listed a pair of Nine West heels and sold them within ten minutes for a profit of $35. So easy. But, as many of us learn along the way, being a reseller requires a lot of hard work and discipline to consistently perform well and succeed. Anyone can do it when it is easy, but are you willing to stick with it when things get hard?Because, at some point, they will.

For most of us who dive into the world of thrift selling, we are a one-person team doing the jobs of at least ten different people. We get to shop and source the inventory that we choose to sell, the fun part! But then comes the grueling task of becoming a photographer, copywriter, model, marketer, and social media director, just to name a few. All of the behind the scenes efforts that we equally love and loathe. Resellers have to work efficiently to keep up with our workload, and we have to be willing and able to adapt to the rise and fall of fashion trends. We also have to prepare for and anticipate days with slow sales, or no sales at all, the not so fun part!

But, the real reality of it all is this,

Even my worst day as a reseller is as good or better than my best day on any other job I’ve ever done.

The down side to reselling varies per individual, but can include troubles with sourcing, storage, quality control, pricing, motivation, confidence, return claims, and the dreaded lowball offer and one-star review. BUT, the benefits by far outweigh the bad. I get to choose my hours, work from inside or outside my home, travel wherever I want to find items to sell, as well as spend quality time with people I love who share similar goals and interests. And, of course, I get to style myself and others in amazing and affordable fashions.

I resell mostly women’s clothing online through the Poshmark app and I resell clothing on the behalf of others in my own brick and mortar consignment shop. Each has its own triumphs and tragedies, and both fulfill my innermost desire and passion for clothing and give me an outlet for my creativity.

Are you a reseller, or think you have what it takes to give thrift life a try? Here are a few of my favorite FREE resources from others in the reselling community who can help you learn and grow. Check out my free PRINTABLES section where you can find tracking sheets for goals, vision boards, and additional ways to keep you on track. And be on the lookout for my own reseller information podcast, The Posh Librarian, coming this summer.

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What if it Does Work Out?: How a Side Hustle Can Change Your Life, Susie Moore

The Confident Reseller: A Guide For Beginners, by Jovani Valenti and April Francia

Entrepreneurial Leap, Updated and Expanded Edition: A Real-World Guide to Discovering What It Takes to Be an Entrepreneur and How You Can Build the Business of Your Dreams, Gino Wickman

There are so many other resellers not mentioned who offer free advice, tips, and information. Who are your favorite resellers to follow and learn from? Let me know in the comments below! New to Poshmark? Sign up with the code ThreadsbyKelly to receive $10 off your first purchase.

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I'm Kelly. I am a mom to five and a former full-time librarian turned consignment shop owner with a passion for reselling fashion. I live each day with kindness in my heart. I love what I do, and I'm here to share my words, wisdom, and wardrobe with you.

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