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Our days are filled with elements that are essential to our existence. The must-have cup of morning coffee. An encouraging text from a trusted friend or loved one. And a closet filled with ready to go pieces that require zero thought before putting them on.

Enter Danielle Bernstein, founder of the world-renowned fashion blog WeWoreWhat, creator of the fashion line of clothing by the same name, and author of the 2020 autobiographical tome titled This is Not a Fashion Story: Taking Chances, Breaking Rules, and Being a Boss in the Big City. Consider this book that text from a trusted friend filled with advice, honesty, and heart.

Laid out in 27 chapters labeled as lessons, this book is an essential read for anyone needing advice about essentially anything. Told from the author’s personal experiences, Bernstein shares her wisdom on keeping calm and carrying on, the importance of bitch work, admitting when you are wrong, and remembering where you came from, just to name a few. Whether sad, inspiring, or funny, she tells her story with unfiltered honesty.

Real style is a free combination of creativity, patience, and most of all, self-confidence.

Danielle Bernstein, This is Not a Fashion Story.

Though the author states that the book is not a story about fashion itself, this is one designer and brand that you will definitely want to include in your fashion lineup. Danielle Bernstein knows how to cut clothing that fits and flatters at the exact size it is intended for.

Make your wardrobe work for you with essential elements that can carry from day to day without thought. In 2020 Danielle Bernstein partnered with Macy’s Department Store and created an affordable ready-to-wear line she lovingly named Danielle Bernstein after herself, separate from WeWoreWhat but with all of the same style and appeal.

What key pieces and ideas should you include in your wardrobe? Never having purchased anything from either label, I rushed over to POSHMARK to scoop up my list of essentials at a fraction of the price. I picked up 4 pieces (all new with tags) from different sellers for a total of $102.00 plus shipping. Here’s what I picked up.

  1. A great fitting pair of jeans
  2. A knockout dress for parties and events
  3. A basic black top
  4. A color pop statement piece
  5. Styles that are complementary and versatile

First off, the jeans fit like a glove. Yes, the inseam was too long, but I knew they would be and I decided I wanted them anyway. Second, the bodysuit fits like a glove. The dress fit like a glove. The jacket fit like a glove. Are you sensing a pattern yet? Every piece I purchased in my size fits my size perfectly and without bunching, pulling, or any sensory issue you can come up with. I am 100% sold on this brand.

Shout out to the Poshmark sellers who gave me great value for all four pieces I picked up, @sweetfinds444, @audreyshlapak, @ladybugs408, and @giltygoodies.

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