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Everything that comes to you in your life arrives in one of two ways, either through deliberate intention and purpose, or by a lack of independent choice. Either way gets you something in the end, but that does not necessarily mean that you get what you want. So, what do you want? It’s up to you to choose if you are you going to live your life, your style, and your dreams by default or by design.

Life by design means that YOU get to create a life for you based on your own wants, needs, and likes. You choose to surround yourself with people and styles and things and actions that suit you and are good for you. Life by design means that all of the things that come into your five senses- sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, are pleasing to you and what you would choose for yourself.

When I originally began selling on Poshmark, it was by default. At the time, I had three teenage daughters who loved to shop, or should I say. loved me to shop for them. When my oldest daughter mentioned she could get a great pre-worn pair of lavender Nike canvas shoes for $15, I was sold. And as it turns out, I was sold on becoming a seller on the platform as much as I was in being a consumer. You see, with three teenage daughters comes a lot of trendy clothing that either gets outgrown or superseded by the next latest and greatest fashion trend. Thus began my journey as a reseller, though that’s not what I called it at the time.

My early years as a reseller were treated as a hobby, making a few random sales here and there, one or two a month if I was lucky that I could quickly turn around to make a new purchase. But, I soon found that I really enjoyed the process. From selecting items to sell, photographing and modeling them, and finding joy in likes and offers, I found myself wondering if there was more in it for me than meets the eye. Once I made the choice that I was going to “be” a reseller, I began to develop my business model and make designed decisions that took away the need for anything to happen by default.

  • Here is a snapshot of my current total sales statistics and seller rating based on over 1,200 reviews during my 7+ years reselling (bumping up to full-time selling in just the past year).
Resellers, your Posh stats can be found on the app under the “My Posh Stats” heading.

Life by design means that the choices you make along your journey belong to you. You are the captain of your ship. You set your course. And while, you may seek the advice or counsel of a trusted friend and a great book from time to time, ultimately, you are in charge of making every decision that you encounter, not simply following the directives of someone else in charge. Life by design is empowering. For my thrifting comrades who are full-time, part-time, newly beginning, or several years in, fellow resellers Jovani Valenti and April Francia have written a publication that speaks to the reselling entrepreneur giving concise and quality strategies and solutions to aid you in any stage of your business.

Copy of The Confident Reseller, available for purchase on Amazon.

In The Confident Reseller, the authors have designed this guide to not only be informative, but. also to put you in the driver’s seat and make you think. Each section and chapter gives you useful information you will need throughout the various stages of your business preparation, while at the same time giving space for you to respond to the content as you plan and prepare for shaping your own business growth.

This guide will focus on helping you discover, create, and build your own unique business.

Jovani Valenti and April Francia

In the book and library world, this type of read is known as a “punchy” book, because, well, it packs a punch. A quick read void of unnecessary or superfluous text, and riffing off from other great self-help tomes such as Simon Sinek’s Find Your Why, the authors invite you and encourage you to dive into your own think-tank to begin laying out the entrepreneurial pieces you need in order to get your resale business off the ground or headed in a more focused and streamlined direction. Here is a small sample of what you will get from this guide.

Available to purchase through Amazon (or as a free Kindle download for Amazon Unlimited subscribers), this how-to guide is a great essential read for those thinking about getting started in reselling, and for those seasoned veterans of the business who need a little boost. As a librarian, I (of course) LOVE books! But, I especially love books that offer information, advice, and access to those who need it, as well as creative space that allows you to think for yourself. The Confident Reseller hits the mark and is The Posh Librarian approved. Grab yourself a copy or check with your local library or book download service to check availability and get started today.

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