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Ahhh! Spring is in the air. Sure, depending where you live you might still be dodging snowstorms like I am and staring at a monotone landscape of barren trees and uncovered grass that is so discolored that it doesn’t even know what it is anymore. BUT…the promise of sunshine and warmer days are just around the corner. So, while you wait for the sky to turn from boring gray to brilliant blue and the outdoor temperature to catch up with the inside, it is the perfect time to practice your spring edit. Or, as defined by the wisdom of this well-known idiom, out with the old, and in with the new.

The spring edit (or spring cleaning as some like to call it) can translate to any area of your life that could use a little attention. I prefer to call it an edit, because cleaning feels like work. And, while this edit will require some work, it is necessary work that will create big change. I am talking about decluttering (your mind, or otherwise), downsizing (your piles of stuff that have collected all winter like a squirrel’s stash of nuts), and cutting out what is not necessary in your life (maybe that relationship that feels a little toxic, ouch, or anything else that is not going in the direction that you wish to be). When you are doing the editing, you get to decide.

So what makes the cut?

Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin’s 2020 publication The Home Edit Life is written and designed to be a no-guilt guide to owning what you want and organizing everything. The authors of this book have written it for anyone who wants to live a life they love by adopting a mindset and lifestyle that translates beyond messy closets and cabinets to every facet of life that could use an organizational spring edit. Things like your hobbies, your travel, and even your phone.

It’s okay to get rid of things.

The Home Edit Life

Ooh, did you hear that? Let’s say it a little louder for those in the back. It’s okay to get rid of things. That statement can sound exhilarating to some people (me) or terrifying to others (my fiance). But all joking aside, once you let go of the guilt that comes with letting go, editing your items becomes freeing and fun, because for once in your life, you are choosing your stuff…your stuff is not choosing you. And as Shearer and Teplin wisely state in Part I of this book, you should only fill your life with the things you like, the things you need, and the things you find sentimental. My fiance can rest easy now, as *most* of his items meet that criteria.

I love the idea of editing my surroundings, editing my workspaces, and because I am a full part-time reseller (wait, is that a thing?) editing my wardrobe and closet selections. If you read any of my previous posts, you will learn that I am a huge proponent of clothing that serves a purpose. Sometimes its purpose is that it tells a story, or it fits your innate sense of self and being, and of course, it should fit your body in a way that makes you want to wear it. Its purpose should not be to just hang in your closet as a reminder of yet another bad life choice.

So when you set off on your spring edit, here are 3 things to keep in mind when deciding what in your closet you should toss or keep.

How does it fit you. If it doesn’t fit, throw it out. Don’t spend your life waiting for “what might be”. Because, life is short. Go out and get “what is” right now. If you absolutely love it but it doesn’t fit correctly, can you find it somewhere else (like, say, POSHMARK) in your current size? Seize the day. And, whatever you do, DO NOT keep it out of guilt that you paid good money for it. The past is the past. Rehome it and move on.

How does it make you feel when you wear it. If the answer is anything but “good”, get rid of it. We face enough negativity in our daily lives, we certainly don’t need our clothing bringing us down, as well. Clothing should make you feel AMAZING. You should be comfortable, free to move around, your outfit should flatter your figure, and make you feel good when you are in it. End of story. Why would you choose to wear anything that leaves you feeling less than great? You are worth more than that. With great style available for a fraction of the cost on sites like POSHMARK, it is easy to change out your drab for fab.

How would you feel if you no longer owned it. You should only keep something that doesn’t fit (or fit your style) if you know in your heart that if you no longer had it, you would live in regret for the rest of your life. Otherwise, goodbye. This is where the sentimental part comes in. Is it ugly as sin, but your grandmother knitted it lovingly before she passed on? Of course you should keep it. But, here’s the thing about getting rid of the rest of the train wreck that you call a closet. Don’t feel guilty about it. You get to fill that space with something new. Brand new. New to you. It doesn’t matter. And you know, and I know, that it is so much fun to get something new. And if you donate or sell your discarded items to someone who wants them, its a win-win. So, hang on to misery if you want to, or open yourself up to fun. The choice is yours.

Self-editing is an essential form of self-care that can lead to big breakthroughs in personal growth and change. When you cut out the unnecessary things in your life, the path to what is necessary becomes so much clearer.

And speaking of cutting out…cutout clothing is one of this spring’s essential hot styles. Designers are showing skin in a variety of ways with cutouts in tops, shoes, dresses, and more. You can shop all of these great styles and more in my POSHMARK closet.

If you are new to using the app, use the code SLIPPERS74 at signup to get $10 off your first purchase. Or, if you want to give resale a try and turn your newly edited closet into cash, it’s easy to snap and list items to sell. Check out my Poshmark tips for beginners post to see if selling is a good fit for you. And, if you are looking for additional ways to expand your growth and mindset, visit my PRINTABLES page for helpful sheets that you can use for goal setting and tracking and for creating an intentional vision of where your life will go next. Spring into action today!

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