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Close your eyes and picture your favorite outfit. Maybe it’s a well-worn pair of jeans that never let you down, paired with a cozy, cropped hoodie, or perhaps it’s the sleek evening gown you bought for a special occasion that accentuates your features in all the best ways. Think about how this outfit makes you feel every time you put it on. Now, open your eyes and believe me when I say, there’s a book that goes with that.

Whether you are an avid reader, a grab a book to take on a plane to pass the time reader, or a walk by a book rack in a store and glance at a title reader, books hold some kind of space in your world. Sometimes, your world is defined by the books you set out to read, and other times, the books you read set the course that define your world.

You see, a book is like your favorite outfit, and when you open the cover to reveal the magic that lies inside, the world as you know it is instantly transformed. Books have the power to transcend, translate, and transform. They open your eyes to new and wondrous ideas, help you see the world from other points of view, and bring you to a better place of self.

Books are full of style, and character, and experiences, just like our closets are. We learn so much about the art of living from inside the pages of a book- from personal relationship issues to exploration and travel, books take us outside of our own bubble and drop us directly into an imaginary world. BUT, books should not be read only to provide an escape from life. On the contrary, books should be read to inspire it!

Words. Wardrobe. Wisdom.

Those three words sum up the vibe and passion behind The Posh Librarian, my book and fashion-inspired brand. I believe that the words we soak into our minds from the books we read help us to feel just as good on the inside as the clothing that we love makes us feel on the outside. And when we feel good and look good, we do good, by sharing our wisdom with others.

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I always have a book (or 10) right within my reach. They make the best accessory. A book can serve as a great conversation starter, a cure for boredom while waiting for practically anything, and as an important tool when you are starting a new endeavor. AND, here’s my librarian truth about books-I don’t read them all. That’s right. I typically only read 2 books each year from cover to cover. Many books I browse through to glean what information I need, many I start and never finish, and many I take home just because they have a beautiful cover. And that’s ok. There’s just something comforting and secure I find in knowing that I have a book within my reach, should I need it.

Never trust anyone who has not brought a book with them.

Lemony Snicket

Need more convincing about why you should incorporate a book into your day to day life? Here are some uses for books that will surround you with their goodness and help tackle some of life’s common dilemmas.

  • Decoration. Need to spice up your living space? Grab a small stack of coffee table size books as a focal display or to use as a small table to put a lamp or a house plant upon.
  • Inspiration. Do you wish to cook or bake more often but don’t know how? Keep a small shelf of cook books in your kitchen to inspire you to get out the mixer or cutting board and give it a try.
  • Motivation. Have a household project or new hobby that you are hoping to tackle? Get a collection of books that will guide you to do anything you set your mind to.
  • Perspiration. Need more hustle in your life? Check out some the top body and workout books and keep a stack next to your favorite seat in the house as a reminder to get up and get moving after a quick rest.
  • Meditation. Do you wish to bring more moments of calm and peace to your day? Arm yourself with an arsenal of mind, body, and spirit-soothing tomes from some of today’s best wellness authors. Check out my PRINTABLES page for a list of suggested titles.

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I'm Kelly. I am a mom to five and a former full-time librarian turned consignment shop owner with a passion for reselling fashion. I live each day with kindness in my heart. I love what I do, and I'm here to share my words, wisdom, and wardrobe with you.

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