Unstoppable You in 2022

Are you ready to unleash the best of you in 2022? Now is the perfect time to ignite your desires and propel yourself into bigger, newer, and better things that will give you that UNSTOPPABLE feeling. That’s what’s on the horizon in the coming NEW YEAR for each and every one of us to go out and do. Are you ready?!

What is your unstoppable dream? Mine is to skyrocket my career as CEO/Thrift Seller for my online Poshmark store into a consistent business for me that creates a positive impact in the lives of those who shop there. It’s not an impossible dream, as there are plenty of people out there killing it already through their own reselling journey. In fact, though it’s not quite a “new” market, the resale scene is taking the world by storm. With sustainability and eco-conscious practice and behavior becoming more prominent in worldwide consumer trends, thrifters like myself are having their day on a variety of platforms. As a Poshmark reseller for the past eight years, I can attest to the increase of buyers looking to rejuvenate their tired wardrobe in an affordable and planet-friendly way.

So what does it take for me as a reseller to ride the wave of a global market trend against a sea of competition? And what does it take for you to attain your own unstoppable dream? If you follow the example and mindset of professional surfer and shark-bite victim Bethany Hamilton you will see that becoming unstoppable requires three things. Optimism. Resilience. Determination.

In case you have never heard of this amazing girl (now woman, Bethany Hamilton was just 13 at the time of her attack), visit your local video store for the 2011 inspiring film based on her true story, stream it online, or check out her biography shown here.

Library copy of “Soul Surfer: A True Story of Faith, Family, and Fighting to Get Back on the Board.”

Bethany Hamilton’s message to the world is that you can have your absolute worst day doing something that you love to do but it doesn’t have to stop you. My gosh, can you even imagine? My worst day as a reseller includes getting lowball offers, or no offers, a bad review, or zero sales. It doesn’t involve me losing a vital body part. I honestly couldn’t even imagine that. But, I do have things that slow me down. And just like Bethany Hamilton, optimism, resilience, and determination are tools that I can use to get back on my board and stay motivated.

I think for all of us on a journey to a goal, if we choose optimism, find resilience, and unleash determination in ourselves, it becomes a better possibility that we will succeed. Like Hamilton is quoted to have said-

I don’t need easy, I just need possible.

Bethany Hamilton

There is no easy track on the way to the top. Six-figure Poshmark seller _jens_addiction knows this first-hand. On her 2021 journey toward her own goals she admits losing focus during a transitional period in her life which caused a dip in her progress, a truth she bared on her IG page. When I asked her how she handled the dip without being discouraged, she gave a very valuable reply.

“Recognize why the dip happened and what I was doing different during that timeframe. When you watch your charts it becomes very obvious they copy your patterns. Which means you have more control over your success than you realize.”

A new year is a great time to envision what level of success is possible for you and determine what steps you need to take in the coming months to get yourself there. The message that _jens_addiction goes on to state in her post is “whatever you put in, you get out”. Your time, dedication, focus, strategy, attention to detail, knowledge, and ability to push forward through difficult times are going to be your keys to achievement.

Jen’s advice is good. And given her life circumstances, her story impresses me even more. I don’t know Jen at all. But I follow her on Instagram and she stands out to me as someone I should watch; someone who seems to be on my path and at a level of success that I am striving to achieve. And then, I learned this morning before this was set to publish, that today, December 27, marks the one year anniversary of the day Jen lost her sister. And, it feels like divine intervention to me that I am writing this piece and that I chose Jen as an example of perseverance after hardship. My heart goes out to her and her family today. Make sure you show her some love and check out her closet here and see what help she has to offer via her own website, triedntruecoaching.com.

Bethany Hamilton, and those of us who face loss, struggle, and hardship, are often called upon to push harder than ever before. It is that inner grit, drive, and focus that helps us prove to ourselves just how unstoppable we can be.

Bethany Hamilton’s inspiring and motivational 2018 publication, filled with personal quotes of motivation from the author and photos that show her relentless determination.
Will there be an Unstoppable You in 2022?

Take these remaining December days to wrap up any loose ends before the next year begins and reflect upon the twelve month journey that you are about to complete. Count the steps and missteps that carried you through 2021, and for those of you who created a vision board last January or wrote out a list of goals, it is time to evaluate yourself and take stock of the milestones you collected along the way. What did you achieve? What part of your plan fell short, and why? All of this knowledge you gather will be useful to you as you prepare for the next twelve months and will help you set the course for the next level of your dreams.

Check out the PRINTABLES on my website to help you write and record your intentions for the new year, set goals, and get yourself ready to crack the code on your unstoppable dreams! Want to hang ten in Bethany’s surfer chic vibe? Check out these great items from Billabong (and more!) in my Poshmark closet.

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