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Have you heard? Second-hand shopping is the rage and can produce some first-class gifts this holiday season. With sustainability and eco-conscious practice and behavior becoming more prominent in worldwide consumer trends, online shopping platforms like my own Poshmark closet can help you deliver the best gift in an affordable and earth-friendly way. Shopping online is a safe (thank you, COVID) and secure way to score some perfect NWT (new with tag) or gently-used presents and helps you save on your own precious resources: time, gas, and money.

According to eco-entrepreneur and author Marci Zaroff, who coined the term “ecofashion” in 1995, “looking and feeling fabulous shouldn’t come at the expense of living in harmony with the environment.” In her 2018 publication Ecorenaissance, the author presents a guide for co-creating a stylish, sexy, and sustainable world, starting with her five pillars of Ecorenaissance- creativity, connection, collaboration, community, and consciousness. This publication features discussions with inspiring eco-entrepreneurs and green fashion designers, and offers resources on how you can make a positive impact through sustainable consumption and eco-conscious living.

Know that sexy, smart, and sustainable can coexist.

Marci Zaroff, author.
Library copy of Ecorenaissance by Maria Zaroff.
Happy Birthday, Poshmark!

Hopefully by now you have heard of Poshmark. They turn 10 this year, on December 4, and have been a growing, improving, and conscious resale tour-de-force of small-business sellers from all walks of life joined together in this community of sustainable fashion and trends. I, myself, have been a seller on the platform since December 2014 and nothing gives me greater joy than providing quality, affordable fashion to new homes across the U.S. It makes me feel like a mean, green Santa Claus.

Never shopped Poshmark before, no problem! Here are a few things you should check out on the Poshmark app while you are shopping to inform yourself about the product you are about to buy and make sure that what you see is what you get.

  1. Look at the photos and read the description. Good, honest sellers (the majority of us) want you to be happy with your purchase. A good listing should include several photos from many different angles in good lighting so the item can be clearly viewed and inspected by you. The description will include important details about the item and should note any flaws or defects.
  2. Ask. When in doubt, communicate directly with the seller through the listing. Ask any questions you may have about size (ask for measurements if they are not included) or any other things you may wish to know. A good seller will get back to you as soon as they can with an answer.
  3. Look at the seller’s info. In the About section on a sellers closet you can learn how long they have been with Poshmark, their average time to ship, and their most recent activity on the app. All of this information can be used to help you learn more about the person behind the closet.
  4. Seller ratings and reviews. Read the “love notes” in the seller’s About section to see what others have to say about their purchases. Keep in mind that a review is subject to buyer attitude and does not always reflect the seller’s habits. Most buyers leave honest reviews, so use them as a guideline.
My Poshmark closet about info @Slippers74 my Poshmark User Name.


Recent reviews from a few sales. To date, I have sold 1185 items and have a rating of 4.9/5 out of 910 reviews.

And, what about that shipping? Sellers must ship their item within seven days of your purchase or the sale will be canceled and the money will be returned to you. Again, most sellers want you to be a happy buyer and will do whatever is in their power to ship as quickly as they can. All shipping is sent USPS Priority mail for 2-3 day guaranteed delivery. COVID “may” cause some delays, but overall throughout the pandemic the majority of my buyers have received their items on time.

Lastly, make your purchase confidently after you have seen the item clearly and/or asked appropriate questions from the seller. Refunds are not permitted on Poshmark for buyers unless there is a provable seller error, i.e. wrong size than listed, a flaw or defect not noted, or the wrong item shipped (unfortunately, any of this “could” happen). You as the buyer have the power to inspect the item once you receive it and then accept it as sold if it meets the criteria as presented. And, PLEASE, remember to leave a kind, thoughtful, and honest review. Sellers like to know that you are happy with your purchase. It makes our day!

So this holiday season- Shop smart. Shop saavy. And shop consciously. Support the small-business ceo’s (like me!) by shopping their sourced second-hand items in need of a new home.

If you need help keeping your holiday shopping on track and on budget, download my free PRINTABLE shopping planner tracker.

If you are NEW to Poshmark, welcome! Use code SLIPPERS74 to save $10 toward your first purchase when you sign up.

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