Parton me. My Love of Dolly.

Dolly Parton is one of my first-known fashion icons. I know, I know, she’s a musician, not a fashion model. In fact, as a musician, she is the most honored female country singer-songwriter of all time, with 44 Top 10 country albums and 26 number one singles, so it’s easy to see how one could idolize her talent. But her fashion?

As a young girl who grew up in the country myself, the photos of Dolly on the covers of the record albums in my mom’s collection struck a chord with me-maybe even more so than the unmistakable voice I heard coming off those vinyl discs. With her gorgeous blonde hair, dimpled smile, gingham button-down tops and matching scarves, Dolly was the perfect reflection of country style in my eyes.

Flash-forward to now. While Dolly and I have both aged over the years (pretty darn well, if i do say so myself), she is still as much an icon to me now as she was then. Maybe even more so, now that I am older and have a greater understanding about this legendary country icon and the amount of positivity that Dolly Parton gives to this world that we live in. From her generous donation to Coronavirus research, to her public voice in the Black Lives Matter movement, Dolly shares the love.

She released a book with help from Robert K. Oermann in 2020 titled Dolly Parton, Songteller: My Life in Lyrics exploring her life through the decades through her compositions and the meanings behind them. And, speaking of books, did you know that Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library, a book gifting program started by the musician in 1995, mails high-quality books to children ages birth to five to anyone who registers, no matter their income? To date, Dolly’s Imagination Library has put over 150 million books into the hands of emerging readers. For free.

Cover of Dolly’s book written with Robert K. Oermann

Why does Dolly give so much? Because she wants to.

Her Imagination Library pays homage to her own father who could neither read nor write. This country queen was prompted by his illiteracy to create a legacy in his honor, striving to help foster a love for reading in young ones around the world. You can visit the website to register your young reader online, or, check with your local library for a mail-in form.

But, getting back to fashion. I can’t help but think of blue jeans and button downs when I hear the name Dolly Parton. Simple. Classic. Country. This got me searching my own Poshmark closet for styles in tune (get it) with the Dolly vibe.

I was able to pull together some Dolly-good looks with a great pair of country retro 70s-inspired True Religion flare jeans, a couple J. Crew and Land’s End plaid flannel shirts, and a classic jean jacket from American Eagle. It doesn’t get more Dolly than that.

Find out who you are and do it on purpose/ Dolly Parton

Style is influenced by many people and places in our lives, including those on the jackets of old vinyl albums. Look around, and be willing to let it grab you!

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